3rd International Congress on Numanities (ICoN)


The 3rd International Congress on Numanities (ICoN) will be organised by the International Semiotics Institute ISI and held in Kaunas, Lithuania, from the 23rd to the 26th of May, 2016.

The congress theme is PROCESSES, MAPS, NARRATIVES. The theme stems from the awareness that plenty of humanistic practices seem to have switched their main focus from “result” to “process”. This is for instance the case with arts, where the concepts of “preparation”, “making of”, “work in progress” are becoming more and more central in the development and implementation of the artwork. But it is the whole society that seems to have adopted an “open kitchen” principle as the predominant way of understanding and experiencing its many practices.

Processes can of course be displayed in space and/or time, and “maps” and “narratives” are the main forms of articulation of the two dimensions. It is apparent that the “mapping” (that is, the visualization, listing, geographicalisation) of knowledge have acquired an importance within humanities that was previously evident only in natural sciences. But at the same time, the end of postmodernism has also invalidated the “death of narratives” claim, and storytelling, time unit-based, discoursive forms of knowledge have regained that attention that was temporarily neglected in the previous couple of decades. What is thus the current status (and relationship) of maps and narratives? Are they conflicting or collaborative strategies? What are the pros and cons brought by these two “processes”, when it comes to the shaping and development of knowledge?

Moreover, as by tradition, ICoN is proud and honored to host

SemTra2016: 12th International Symposium on Semiotics and Translation

Directors: Professor Pirjo Kukkonen & Dr. Ritva Hartama-Heinonen

The theme for this year shall be:
Semiotics, Multisemiotics, Translation-semiotics, and Translating: Maps, Gaps, and Bridges

The official language of the Congress is English. Sessions or presentations in other languages, if necessary for their scientific outcome, can be agreed upon by contacting the organising committee (isisemiotics@gmail.com)

For the full programme of the event, please click here.

May 23 d., 2016 05:45 - May 26 d., 2016 15:00

Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities (A. Mickevičiaus str. 37)

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