Catalysation of institutional transformations of Higher Education Institutions through the adoption of acceleration services (CATALISI)


Project no.: 101094917
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The overall aim of CATALISI is to help and support Higher Education Institutions to successfully implement a strategy and individual pathway for institutional transformation through the adoption of acceleration services. These are designed to facilitate and accelerate institutional transformations in the field of Research and Innovation which will strengthen European Universities collaborations and alliances as lighthouses of European values.

Project funding:

EU Research and Innovation Funding Programme “Horizon Europe”

Project results:

CATALISI will analyse how the governance of Higher Education Institutions can be changed, considering the governance as a way in which societal and state actors intentionally interact in order to transform Science Technology and Innovation systems, by regulating issues of societal concern.??WP1 will ensure the co-design and implementation of Acting-LL throughout the project. The knowledge and information produced in the WP1 will serve as a basis for the creation of the Knowledge sharing and mutual learning programme in the framework of WP2. The knowledge and information produced in WP1 will also support the activities of WP3 that will guarantee the design, the implementation and the sustainability of the institutional transformations. The whole process will be constantly monitored and assessed through WP4 that will develop monitoring and assessment toolkits to keep track of the progress related to the Institutional Transformations through the adoption of acceleration services, along the 3 Domains defined by CATALISI. WP4 will also provide strategic information and guidance, through policy recommendations about the structural and institutional changes that are needed to maximize the value of research and its impact within the European region.WP5 and WP6 are cross-cutting and linked to all other WPs’ activities (communication and management). CATALISI will be carried out by a consortium integrating 11 partners from 8 EU Member States, covering different geographical areas of Europe, 3 of them from Widening countries.

Period of project implementation: 2023-01-01 - 2025-12-31


Project partners: MATERIALS AND SCF GROUP CHEMISTRY DEPARTAMENT UNIVERSITY COLLEGE CORK, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), F6S NETWORK IRELAND LIMITED (F6S), Kaunas University of Technology, Uniwersytet Gdanski

Eglė Butkevičienė

2023 - 2025

Academic Centre of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities