KTU students of Public Governance and Civil Society: these studies provide invaluable experience

University | 2023-05-10

KTU Public Governance and Civil Society students Akvilė Damošiūtė and Skaistė Valickaitė were impressed by the knowledge this study programme offers, and the possibility to travel for one semester to the University of Central Florida (UCF) in the US.

“The students gain an all-round understanding of public governance, including the analysis of politics, the evaluation of the political programmes, and leadership. Also, they acquire practical skills by accomplishing internships and by using other possibilities of experience-based learning,” tell the students.

The Public Governance and Civil Society studies at KTU Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities allow gaining a double degree in administration (KTU) and in non-profit organisation management fields, as the studies themselves are organised in cooperation with the University of Central Florida (UCF).

Students’ wellbeing is a top priority

Public Governance_KTU
Akvilė Damošiūtė, KTU Public Governance student in Florida

The greatest benefit of the study programme for both girls was a semester spent in Florida. The students were greatly impressed by the modernity and innovation-based research at the UCF.

“The University of Central Florida is a fantastic place to study, including the modern equipment and an innovative research approach. The classes, which I had there, were different and provided comprehensive education, which prepared me for the real challenges of the world,” says Akvilė.

The students also loved their teachers, especially, their passion and enthusiasm.

“They were in-deep experts in their profession and did everything they could to help us reach good results. You always had a chance to talk to them and they answered all our questions with pleasure. They were very friendly and helpful, I always felt like I was a part of the supporting community”, says Akvilė.

Skaistė, who also had a chance to work at the UCF administration, says that all the staff, both administrative and academic, were always trying to share their experience and help.

“They wanted me to feel at home,” says Skaistė.

According to the students, the classes at UCF were very valuable in providing a wider range of understanding about public governance. Non-profit leadership, public administration, resource development in a non-profit sector, features of non-governmental organisations and the national government of America were among the courses that they enjoyed most.

Interestingly, according to Skaistė, the studies at the UCF seemed easier to her than those at KTU, as the students can plan their time hassle-free, knowing well in advance what they will do in the forthcoming weeks during the lectures.

“Also, the teachers perfectly understand study-related stress. For them, a student’s emotional well-being is a top priority,” says Skaistė.

The University Campus felt like a Hollywood film

The girls were very impressed by the UCF Campus. According to the students, one may feel that the campus is designed to emphasise the students’ community feeling.

“The main UCF Campus is located only a few blocks away from the central business neighbourhood of the city, thus the students can easily reach the locations of their internship, their job places and various cultural, and leisure activities,” says Akvilė.

According to her, the student campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, such as teaching rooms, a digital media laboratory, the law clinic, and the community centre.

“Apart from that, in the campus neighbourhood, there are many community organisations, governmental agencies and cultural institutions, so the students can use vast resources and possibilities,” says KTU Public Governance and Civil Society student.

Skaistė notices, that the student campus at UCF is many times bigger than that of KTU: “When you arrive at the UCF Campus, it’s like you’re in Hollywood movie, you instantly get the ‘American student feeling’: students are studying outside, cheerleaders working out, guys playing football.”

Public Governance_KTU
Skaistė Valickaitė, KTU Public Governance and Civil Society student

KTU and UCF are somewhat similar

“In UCF, every day we communicated with people of different cultures and shared experiences in an international group. Constant cooperation and accomplishment of creativity-based tasks in groups helped to get to know the friendly American culture,” tells Skaistė.

The student, while accomplishing an internship at the university, also had a chance to meet with non-governmental organisations present in the USA.

“During the internship, we had an opportunity to participate in a non-profit organisation seminar and to have discussions with the representatives of this field. I think this experience has helped me to find out more about the non-profit sector and the organisations, which are highly advanced and developed in the US,” says the student.

The students gain an all-round understanding of public governance, including the analysis of politics, the evaluation of the political programmes, and leadership.

Despite being on two different continents, KTU and UCF have similarities, according to Akvilė and Skaistė. One of them is the plethora of extracurricular activities in both universities.

“Both universities have active student organisations, offering various possibilities for the students to get involved in and pursue their interests,” says Akvilė.

Also, both Kaunas University of Technology and the University of Central Florida focus greatly on student support. In other words, the students can use various resources available, including academic consultations, tutoring services, and psychological help; they receive career-related information and guidance.

„All in all, both universities offer high-quality education and possibilities for the students to prosper – both academically and socially,” Akvilė and Skaistė, the students of BSc Public Governance and Civil Society.

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