Kaunas Will Become Francophone for a Month

Important | 2017-02-15

1 March French Cultural Centre of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) will start its annual month of francophone events.

According to Birutė Strakšienė, the leader of the Centre, the Francophone Month at KTU is a perfect possibility to get closer to the culture, politics and traditions of francophone countries and to explore their ties with Lithuania and Kaunas.

Francophone events will create an opportunity to meet and to discuss various topics with researchers, society figures and politicians from Lithuania and other countries.

“We are organising Francophone Month following a tradition of Lithuanian-French Society, which was founded on 17 March, 1923. Today the Society would have celebrated the 94th anniversary, and the KTU French Cultural Centre is carrying on its mission of promoting French culture and advertising Kaunas among francophone countries. We are happy that Kaunas citizens are very curious, as they actively take part in the events”, says Strakšienė.

The opening of the Francophone Month will take place on 1 March at 6pm at KTU Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. The full month of events for the lovers of everything French will be opened by Jean-Marie Sani, the advisor on collaboration and culture affairs at the Embassy of France in Lithuania and the director of French Institute in Lithuania.

Click here for the full programme of Francophone Month events.