Researchers from across Europe meet in KTU to discuss intermediality in communication

Important | 2022-11-14

On Thursday and Friday, November 17–18, the international scientific conference “Intermediality in communication: translation, media, discourse” will take place at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). The researchers from different universities in Europe will discuss translation, intersemiotic literacy, new media language and other concepts related to the interdisciplinary fields of linguistics and communication.

The international conference is organised by the Translation and Language Research Group of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities and Arts. During the conference, the results of the latest scientific research will be introduced, and the topics of translation challenges, intersemiotic literacy, social and new media language, imagology studies, discourse, community, gender and impact on society will be discussed. This is the second event of this kind; the first conference took place in 2020.

The positive experience encourages further discussion

KTU Juzelėnienė
Professor Saulutė Juzelėnienė, KTU Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

Professor Saulutė Juzelėnienė, the Principal Investigator of the research group organising the conference, sais that the success of the previous events inspires to continue the discussion.

“With the first conference, we aimed to create a unique platform for discussions on interdisciplinary research, translation, language and social media, new media, discourse, communities, social impact and other topics. The discussions were fruitful and inspiring; therefore, we invite the scientists to continue developing these topics,” says Prof Juzelėnienė.

KTU Petronienė
Professor Saulė Petronienė, KTU Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities


The chair of the scientific committee of the conference, professor Saulė Petronienė, is excited to host a live conference after a one-year break.

“Live event will provide an opportunity to participate more actively in discussions on various research topics, to share your insights not only with the main speakers, but also with researchers from France, Switzerland, the UK, Poland, Latvia, and, of course, Lithuania. Such discussions are no less important for science than the presented research,” says Petronienė, adding that although the vast majority of speakers will participate live, it will also be possible to participate in the conference sessions and discussions remotely.

News from leading researchers in Europe

Among the speakers are prominent scholars from leading universities in Europe: Prof Luc van Doorslaer from KU Leuven in Belgium, who will give a paper on imagology and travel, Dr Jessica Bradley from the University of Sheffield, who will present the art of the linguistic landscape, Carmen Caro, Associate Professor of the Department of Romance Linguistics of the VU Philology Faculty, who will give a presentation on the challenges of translation based on classical work by Servantes, Don Quixote, and others.

How is the penetration of technology into everyday life-changing our culture? Or, maybe, this is just a new form of the same phenomenon? How is the interaction of different media reflected in discourse, translation, and other linguistic studies? How important are the boundaries and does defining them between different disciplines change something? These are just a few questions that will bring the scientists together for a discussion this Thursday and Friday, November 17–18.

More information about the conference:

Conference programme here.